Sunday, 5 February 2012

Reading,Vocabulary and Lesson planning!

This week has been busy for me.I have been attending drama workshop in my county and our main focus was using drama-plays,verses,narratives and traditional dances to preach peace and co-existence.
The weeks topic was a bit challenging bearing in mind that most of the reading and vocabulary acquisition we normally depend on the tradition methods like using textbooks.But going through sample webs, i have learnt that it becomes easier to use  technology-CALL.The links to reading,writing are educative easy to adopt in class.I have learnt that it is important for the students and teacher to be computer literate.
Looking at lesson planning is a bit of a challenge because am used to the lesson plans that calls for traditional method of teaching.These are detailed and  i have learn a point or two to write them.
The project keeps on throwing new surprises!
Friends going through an article I kept on meeting the word ''key pal'' explain to me how it works.Has anyone ever used Skype? Share with me.


  1. Hello Wesonga,
    It seems that you had a great week. Starting from the drama work-shop to this fantastic Week 4. All links concerning the skills of writing, reading and vocabulary are very constructive for our students where they can improve their English to the great extent. I found e-mailing as an interesting part where students can meet the international key-pals. In my opinion, it is a great thing because students can benefit a lot.
    Best regards...


  2. Hi Wesonga and Rade,

    I totally agree with you that the links provided this week have been of great use. Actually, I am going to use some in my classes this week. Regarding lesson plans, I feel they are necessary, but with time and experience, I believe they can be easily prepared even in post it notes. What do you think?

    Best regards


  3. Hi

    I agree with you that we can replace traditional ways of teaching English skills by using CALL.

    Wish you all the best