Friday, 27 January 2012

It's Delicious!;oh the sample projects?

Am finding this week's assignements,readings and project really demanding!
To start with the materials on aural/oral are fantastic.I really enjoyed going through different approaches in teaching.The greatest thing was to propel me to start applying some of the suggested approaches.Am a fan of Pre-,While-,Post-Listening design!

It is a bit tricky using Delicious though most of my colleagues say its superb.Actually it never occured to me that the links can be saved and retrieval made easier!A'VE LEARNT A LESSON!

What are your takes on the project samples? I never thought that this projects are so comprehensive and so involving! I want to say thank you to the teacher because I am starting on one as early as possible! 


  1. Hi,Wesonga
    I agree with your comments about aural/oral approaches. I didn't know there are so many different approaches and it geves me confidence to move forward with my students, who are trying to become good English speakers. Kaori

  2. Hello, Wesonga! Just like you, I enjoyed our Week-3 tasks. Pronunciation is also a concern I have, although most Brazilian students do not face a really complicated challenge in that field. However, when listening, especially to "fast-speaking" Americans and British people, they suffer in the beginning... I remember my suffering as a student, and the truth is that there is no miracle: practicing, practicing and practicing was the only way to improve. As teachers, we have the opportunity to make the path be more fun for our students, especially with all the resources available nowadays.