Saturday, 18 February 2012

Power point presentations

This week's power point presentations material and information really assisted me.I have longing to learn how to use the power point in class.Am happy that I have learnt how to make the slides and also letting it assist in class interaction.The message I have learnt is simplicity in the making of the slides so that apart from the message the students get the information with a lot of ease.I am happy that the topic was timely because am preparing a talk and it is imperative that we submit the power point for our presentations.


  1. Hi Wesonga,

    I am also glad that we have learned a new way of using PowerPoint in the class. I think interactive use of PPT is a great tool for engaging students. I never knew how to use PPT interactively and mostly I used it for one-way presentation only. I am also planning to share my colleagues how to create interactive PPT so that all the students will benefit in their learning.
    By the way, good luck for your presentation!

    Best wishes,
    Zun Phyu

  2. Hi Wesonga,

    PowerPoint is a very great tool to make interactive lessons, presentations or even assignments if integrated with Visual Basic codes. It's not really hard to learn.

    I like the idea of learning a new think everyday. I believe that teachers have to be updated with everything related in using technology in their classes.