Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Project: A Facebook Classroom.

This is my project and I wish to share my pre-implementation stages so far that I have been through.In my class description I pointed out how my school is lucky to be used as a pilot school on e-learning project.Some of my students are not computer literate though many are and do take computer lessons.After doing some observation I realized that my students have a weakness in expressing themselves in written.I needed a tool that will create some interest in them to develop their skills in writing and also in reading.I needed a tool that they are familiar with in using that is how I arrived on using Facebook because they have accounts with it.In addition,I realised that it will be easy to use.

First,I shared the idea of using the Facebook with my students which elicited a lot of curiosity.I realised that those who don't have the Facebook accounts need first of all to register for an e-mail accounts.A good chance to them to sign up for the account.
Some who had the accounts were easy to go with to  the next step.
Thus I have to create a Facebook account specifically for the class which then we are going to invite members to the class by liking the page.
But I must point out that signing up for the e-mail  account to the students was a big step.
I have my reservations about using the tool because most of them are used to it as a social tool for interaction and not for academic purpose.Some challenges will crop up but hopefully we shall succeed.


  1. Hello Wesonga,

    Your project task looks wonderful. I like it and I think it will be very rewarding for your students to improve their skills of writing and reading. I have to say that I chose a Nicenet classroom for my project task. It is very useful and it is also very easy to access. I think that such a classroom can also help students to improve their skills of writing and reading.

    I wish you a lot of success with your project.

    Best regards


  2. Thanks a lot Rade for your support.I settled for this because my students are a bit familiar with Facebook but I think it may work almost the same way like Nicenet though already I have foreseen some challenges which I must surmount.