Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Project

Wow! This week is a bit interesting with many work and deadlines to fulfil!
First am very happy about my colleagues in group that is Onesmas and Lina I am sure we are going to have good time sharing and correcting our projects.To tell you the truth it is going to be hectic but all in all we shall succeed.
The one computer classroom.Well I had not thought of many uses of a single computer in a class but it is amazing from using it for administration purpose,communication,library,researching,teaching resources,as a tool!
So far am looking for background information for my project.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Power point presentations

This week's power point presentations material and information really assisted me.I have longing to learn how to use the power point in class.Am happy that I have learnt how to make the slides and also letting it assist in class interaction.The message I have learnt is simplicity in the making of the slides so that apart from the message the students get the information with a lot of ease.I am happy that the topic was timely because am preparing a talk and it is imperative that we submit the power point for our presentations.

The Project: A Facebook Classroom.

This is my project and I wish to share my pre-implementation stages so far that I have been through.In my class description I pointed out how my school is lucky to be used as a pilot school on e-learning project.Some of my students are not computer literate though many are and do take computer lessons.After doing some observation I realized that my students have a weakness in expressing themselves in written.I needed a tool that will create some interest in them to develop their skills in writing and also in reading.I needed a tool that they are familiar with in using that is how I arrived on using Facebook because they have accounts with it.In addition,I realised that it will be easy to use.

First,I shared the idea of using the Facebook with my students which elicited a lot of curiosity.I realised that those who don't have the Facebook accounts need first of all to register for an e-mail accounts.A good chance to them to sign up for the account.
Some who had the accounts were easy to go with to  the next step.
Thus I have to create a Facebook account specifically for the class which then we are going to invite members to the class by liking the page.
But I must point out that signing up for the e-mail  account to the students was a big step.
I have my reservations about using the tool because most of them are used to it as a social tool for interaction and not for academic purpose.Some challenges will crop up but hopefully we shall succeed.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

PBL and Alternative Assessment

The  week has come to an end !Thank God! Fantastic readings and activities of this week.though I had never thought about alternative assessment I am challenged by the whole discussions on the nicenet by you guys.I think as teachers there are other valuable ways of assessing our students.The use of PBL as away of learning is fantastic.Students it is better to learn from experiences and I realized that the method is good.I prefer students who can learn on their own through activities rather than depending on teachers.creating a Rubric for the first time using Rubistar was an experience worth remembering.I think that site really and will continue to assist.I must thank you all because you are fantastic and I benefit a lot through your posts and discussions.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Reading,Vocabulary and Lesson planning!

This week has been busy for me.I have been attending drama workshop in my county and our main focus was using drama-plays,verses,narratives and traditional dances to preach peace and co-existence.
The weeks topic was a bit challenging bearing in mind that most of the reading and vocabulary acquisition we normally depend on the tradition methods like using textbooks.But going through sample webs, i have learnt that it becomes easier to use  technology-CALL.The links to reading,writing are educative easy to adopt in class.I have learnt that it is important for the students and teacher to be computer literate.
Looking at lesson planning is a bit of a challenge because am used to the lesson plans that calls for traditional method of teaching.These are detailed and  i have learn a point or two to write them.
The project keeps on throwing new surprises!
Friends going through an article I kept on meeting the word ''key pal'' explain to me how it works.Has anyone ever used Skype? Share with me.