Sunday, 12 February 2012

PBL and Alternative Assessment

The  week has come to an end !Thank God! Fantastic readings and activities of this week.though I had never thought about alternative assessment I am challenged by the whole discussions on the nicenet by you guys.I think as teachers there are other valuable ways of assessing our students.The use of PBL as away of learning is fantastic.Students it is better to learn from experiences and I realized that the method is good.I prefer students who can learn on their own through activities rather than depending on teachers.creating a Rubric for the first time using Rubistar was an experience worth remembering.I think that site really and will continue to assist.I must thank you all because you are fantastic and I benefit a lot through your posts and discussions.


  1. Dear Wesonga, it was also the first time in my life that I created a Rubric. Not that hard, right?
    I just would like to tell you that I also enjoy students who are willing to learn without the need of the teacher to be there all the time... autonomy is essential!
    Hugs from São Paulo, Brazil.


  2. Hi Wesonga

    It is true!! It is good to have students who can learn autonomously than to have students who only depend on you. Learning autonomously is a great chance for students to have variety and learn the lots of things available out there.

    see you in class


  3. Hi Wesonga,Celina and Kat,
    This rubric thing was news to me.The other difficult thing was to create the web-quest.I really got frustrated trying it again and again. I wish I could get help from the people who have created one.I will highly appreciate.