Friday, 20 January 2012

Making the net work for you.

As am coming to the end of this week I must say that I really enjoyed the topic on web searches most. It is an eyeopener because i never imagined there is so much information for almost everything only with a right searching tool-talk of searching a niddle in a field of hay-it is easy.
For now my archaic approach to searching information has totally changed thanks to many searching tools options available.At the moment getting materials for my lessons is boosted because i can access variety of information for my students.They are really excited with the lessons.
Am yet to look at the learning objectives but i can't wait for the topic.
Colleagues have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Dear Wesonga,

    it's great to see your enthusiasm in learning and teaching, have a wonderful weekend as well.

  2. Hi Wesonga,
    I feel the same way. I've always used google for searches, but now we have an array of search engines.
    Have a great weekend too