Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wesonga Academic Blog

Am realy excited about my blog.This was fun navigating my way through the web to have one.
Fellow members am looking forward to share academic ideas using this platform.Initially I was contemplating giving up but you guys your posts and also struggles in getting a blog of your own encouraged me. I do hope we are an academic family!


  1. Hello Wesonga,
    In the very beginning, I want to say that we are and we will be a fantastic academic family. I also want to say that you should never give up because we are here in order to help each other. There is one saying: 'A way of small victories leads us into achieving every objective'. I wish you a lot of success in the future work.

    Best regards...

  2. Hello Wesonga,
    It's great to be part of your academic family. I do feel that we are a fantastic international academic family as Rade said. Looking forward to learning from each other.

  3. Hello Wesonga !
    Great ! You worked on something diffficult for you,struggled and succeeded at the end.That is the spirit! Do not give up. As Rade said, we are here to help each other.It was hard for me too and I know I still have much to learn. But, we have a very supportive tutor and supportive teachers around.Imagine how great! I live in Chile and I can communicate with someone so far away from my country, These blogs are just great !