Sunday, 4 March 2012

What a week!

It has been an incredible week for me pals.To start with there was the official release of the national examination in the country by the minister in charge of education and from his comments the languages performance was dismal.Hence he talked of strengthening of the e-learning to improve the languages grades.My students did not perform well they registered a drop.
Back to the tools.I liked the anvil tool.Though I did not make it for the class during the time but from the discussion  by Jeff I strongly believe that it will assist my students in learning the language a great deal.
Commenting on my peers project is another thing that kept me busy .I must thank my peers for their sincere comments and I took them positively.

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  1. Hi Wesonga,

    Don't worry, your students will achieve better results when they use all wonderful tools we learned about during this fantastic course. I have to say that I really prefer ANVILL. It is consisted of many components which are very rewarding both for students and teachers.
    On the other side, the session with Jeff was so great experience for all of us. He described in detail how to use ANVILL.

    Best regards